Paste Up On High Street

This paste up from a few weeks back on the derelict buildings on the High Street by Bristol Bridge is an odd one, really big and kind of in the middle of nothing.

high street paste up long shot

Interesting though, Warhol, Haring, Munch, Picasso and others as a collage.

paste up on high street

Brightens up what has been a massive, run down and derelict space for years and years. Makes you wonder which is the real blot on the landscape out of these two.


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5 responses to “Paste Up On High Street

  1. Jimmy Greaves

    you sure this isn’t in Chernobyl?

    all brutalist architects (more commonly known as ‘c**ts’) should be locked in a padded cell with a Keith Haring book for company. its the only way their grey concrete souls might be saved.

    • bristolgraffiti

      Exactly, ridiculous how long that site’s sat derelict. People have tried to bring it back into use pretty recently too, and run into prohibitive council tax charges if they did so, meaning it had to be left derelict once again. Apparently it’s likely that that exact spot is the site of the original settlement that led to Bristol being here in the first place as well.

      Bet you they eventually clean the graffiti and paste ups off it in the name of ‘improving the built environment’, ignoring the massive elephant in the room.

  2. M

    pure evil maybe?

  3. Ironside

    Correct, Miss Bugs

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