Dean Lane This Weekend

Thanks to Kineta for sending these in, work in Dean Lane as it stood yesterday. Good to see it all going strong, even after the council sandblast one of the walls down there. Click for biggerness if you want.

Pen and Boswell




3Dom, below the big 3Dom…


…with someone else next to it, any ideas?


Here’s the sandblasted wall as it stands at the moment too. There are meant to be boards going up on the fence to replace the ability to paint on the wall, which was done to protect the building apparently. Yet to happen though.


There’s also a new group for Dean Lane graf on Flickr now if you’re on there, with an idea to be updated more regularly than the old one was. Looking good already.


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3 responses to “Dean Lane This Weekend

  1. FiST

    that unknown one is by gyroe/jiroe from heavy artillery crew.

  2. who nos

    GYROE HA is the other credit ur lookin for..

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