Hush’s Upfest Piece Painted Over

Thanks to Miss B for this one, Hush’s piece from Upfest has been painted over sometime fairly recently.

Here’s the before…


…and the after.

hush update1

Guess you can see what’s offended someone then, but really, this habit of someone just painting over things they don’t  like with crap paint really is boring, bordering on Victorian almost. Couldn’t the organisers have been contacted and the piece reworked, perhaps with fig leaves if someone’s that bothered?


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8 responses to “Hush’s Upfest Piece Painted Over

  1. hanuman

    Not sure if its been painted out or cut out – walked past it the other day. He used masking tape in the piece, layering it up and painting over it, and them edges are suspiciously straight and sharp for paint..

  2. khoi

    Seems abit harsh to me, if they were that botherd couldnt they have censored the piece somehow?
    rather than painting over it relly badly.

  3. Butch Franker

    In my humble opinion this was an awful piece anyway – and that hush ‘tag’ is simply appalling.
    No great loss.

  4. Me

    Good. Lets see an end to pornographic pieces. Its for the children.

  5. Boswell

    Wasnt impressed with this wall particularly..should be something more interesting on that corner….although I appreciate pretty girls as much as the next man I get bored seeing them in a graff context just too obvious or me and pandering to a fashion industry idea of beauty.

  6. M

    Maybe it was done by someone who didn’t like Hush? He does generic and IMO poor Faile / geisha type stuff everywhere. It is dull, derivative, and pretty fake.

    I also find good looking women totally pointless in a graff context.

  7. who nos

    i fink M hit the nail on the head there

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