Sickboy Temple Shrines Over London

Just had this in, the kind of random story you’d expect from Sickboy really. Apparently he’s been revisiting spots in London where what he painted has been painted over or otherwise removed, and left ‘temple wreaths, mourning ribbon and Sickboy shrine paraphernalia’ where the works once were. Here’s his take on it…

“This is my way of overcoming the graf anxiety you get when you feel you don’t ‘get up’ enough. No matter how hardcore a painter you are, you experience graf anxiety. Then I realised that my works were just disappearing more quickly because I’ve always opted for high profile spots. It puts it into perspective.

Now, every time a piece of notable worth goes, I leave a shrine where it once stood. Maybe people will prefer the shrines and it will encourage them to get rid of my work rather than keep it. Either way, it keeps me busy. The acceptance of graffiti has become its biggest downfall anyway. Long live death.”

Here’s a little gallery of what he’s been up to, some shots with before and afters.

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