Paris Stokes Croft Update

Another bit from Paris next to his splendid piece on Stokes Croft last week…

double paris on stokes croft


paris stokes croft closer small


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6 responses to “Paris Stokes Croft Update

  1. B+

    spotted a large team of SITA workers setting up on Stokes Croft this morning – looks like these (and a lot of other pieces) are going to be buffed

    • Ironside

      Still there at 2pm. No vandal squad spotted.

      • bristolgraffiti

        Went and got the story at lunchtime, not had time to write it up yet.

        Basically it’s a ‘clean and green’ type day down there today, combined with an ‘intervention’. This means the police out in force, inviting homeless people and street drinkers to go and have a cup of tea with them, and Sita out cleaning the side of the road from Ninetree Hill down to Hillgrove Street.

        It’s a ‘deep clean’ that’s happening, so the cleaning should involve removing chewing gum and weeds from the pavement, as well as removing stickers on lamp posts and tagging from walls. No bigger pieces or murals should be affected.

        There’s talk of it happening because the Banksy show leaflet is telling people to go and check out Stokes Croft for more work whilst they’re in Bristol. To be honest though, cleaning Stokes Croft for people going to see it kind of defeats the point of going to see Stokes Croft, and turns it from a genuine area into a more sanitised ‘urban art amusement park’.

        Not seen the finished results yet, but hope they treat the area carefully and don’t bring in pre-conceived ideas of what it should look like from elsewhere in the city.

  2. Ironside

    What a fucked up world!! Stokes Croft gets a deep clean cos it’s mentioned in the Banksy leaflet.

    So come the end of August the council will resume it’s neglect of said area?

  3. Ironside

    Oh forgot to mention there were loads of old bill & community support officers showing round bods in suits.

    • bristolgraffiti

      Yep, saw a TV crew there too. Check Points West at half 6 for an update on what an incredibly successful day it’s been then.

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