Dan And ‘Banksy’ On Stokes Croft

Couple of stencil bits up at the end of City Road where it meets Stokes Croft at the moment, round the advertising board that apparently is scheduled to be removed pretty soon, which should free up a massive space for bigger work.

dan and michael jackson stokes croft

One of them’s a Michael Jackson stencil, that according the the Evening Post bears the hallmarks of a Banksy piece. Assuming one of Banksy’s hallmarks is using an A4 printer. And another one is underspray. And not signing his work.

Still though, topical and quick, and perhaps there’s something to a black era MJ being sprayed in white.

michael jackson stokes croft

This Dan piece is pretty well done though, sure it’s appeared somewhere else already, can’t immediately place it though.

dan baby stokes croft

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