Banksy, Vandalism, Blah, Blah, Blah


Photo credit: Orb101

This all happened when the blog was at Glastonbury, but just a post for the record really, to note that both the Park Street Banksy and the Mild Mild West Banksy on Stokes Croft got defaced/vandalised/attacked/whatever with blue paint balloons the other week. First one done on Monday 22nd June, second one Tuesday 23rd June by the look of it.

Old news now, and not particularly interesting in the first place really, but there y’go. Only interesting part of the whole story is that Spud Murphy, tory councillor for Avonmouth, got stuck in to help clean the Park Street Banksy with his own cherry picker. Interesting, cos back in 2006 when it was done and the council had a ‘vote’ on whether to keep it, he was the most vocal person in favour of getting rid of it.

Politics hey? How times change.


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5 responses to “Banksy, Vandalism, Blah, Blah, Blah

  1. From what I heard, he ended up damaging it more than cleaning it. And earlier in the day he had overseen the “cleaning” of the back of Dean Lane swimming pool – years of history blasted away (there are pictures somewhere on Flickr). So he’s a walking disaster.

    • Jimmy Greaves

      sorry but you’re crazy if you think the current state of the swimming pool is doing the park, graffiti writers and southville any favours. its a mess!

      as for ‘years of history’, the first decent things painted on it appeared as recently as 2003. however since then its mostly been crap dubs and tags although recent Turroe and Ryder pieces (both now gone) maximised the potential of the spot.

      i don’t think it will be missed.

  2. Me

    Lol Jimmy. Graffiti is about more than pretty pictures of flowers and retarded “political” messages.

    Why do I always have the same arguments here?


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