Inkie At Glastonbury

inkies signed

Not sure if Inkie’s painted Glastonbury before, he must have done, and there were a couple of old tags kicking around in the greenfields too, but don’t remember seeing much by him there.

This year though, he had some pieces down by the Dance East stage, either side of the ‘Bitch and Stitch’ stall, which was pretty cool in itself. They got painted over the weekend, and some didn’t seem to get entirely finished in the end, but either way here’s a bit of a timeline from over the week.

Two tall boards to the right of the tent, here they are sketched out on probably the Tuesday.

inkies tall sketched

On the left, two rounder boards, again sketched out on Tuesday.

inkies round sketched

The round ones got done pretty quickly, here they are finished on what might have been the Wednesday the festival opened.

inkie rounds

Close up on the left…

inkie round left

…and the right, with a ‘Bitch ‘n’ Stich’ message.

inkie round right

The ones on the right of the stall took a bit longer, this was probably the Wednesday too.

inkie both half done

And here they are again on Sunday evening. Must have been a great festival.

inkies tall ones finished

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