Paris And Mudwig Paint Some Shelters, Glastonbury 2009

Last year Paris and Mudwig did some really good work on the little shelter things they put up in the Park and Flagtopia at Glastonbury, so this year they were asked back again early on to do some more, mostly in the backstage area between the Pyramid and Other stages. It’s one of the most horrible, soulless, desperate and depressing places on the entire site where no-one in their right mind would want to spend more than 5 minutes, so they did a good job brightening it up.

Best done as a gallery this, so, from top to bottom, there’s some shelters by Paris and/or Mudwig up in the Park in Flagtopia, a couple of them done last year, as well as a couple by Oxygen Thieves who were all over the site generally as well.

Then after that a load of signs done by Paris, commissioned to run along the outside of the backstage Pyramid bar, Sergio was a particular triumph apparently. Last of all, a whole load of new Paris and Mudwig painting done on the back of shelters there, mixed in with a couple from previous years that have still survived.

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