Old Banksy At Glastonbury

Had a tip off about this one, an old Banksy tag still on a piece of festival fence at Glastonbury, this year placed in the new hospitality camping area (where the outdoor cinema used to be).

The fence around the outside of the festival used to be made of this stuff, painted green on the outside and grey on the inside. Given they brought in the ‘superfence’ in 2002, and there was no festival in 2001, this can only be from 2000 or earlier.

long shot banksy

The way the letters are so straight and angular (compare this one from 2000) show it’s early too, and ones with an exclamation mark at the end seemed to fade away in about ’98 or ’99.

banksy close up

So yeah, the remnants of what Banksy used to do 10 or so years ago, still being brought back into public year after year.


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4 responses to “Old Banksy At Glastonbury

  1. Ham

    I thought you didn’t cover tagging?

  2. Ham

    Yeah i think so its just a Banksy tag is it not. You would not have bothered to blog half of anyone elses tag. But everyone likes to see a bit of the old Banksy considering where he is now. It gives us all hope.

  3. Jimmy Greaves

    tags (and trains) don’t belong on the internet. keep that stuff ‘below the radar’ for those who are prepared to learn about it properly.

    if someone is painting stencils, exhibitions and legal walls they are rarely putting anything at stake other than their own claims to virtuosity. blogs about that are fine with me.

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