Big Letter In The Cabaret Field, Glastonbury 2009

The Cabaret Field used to be home to the ‘love’ letters, big constructions that spelled out the word ‘love’ and got painted by all sorts of people as the festival went on. They didn’t seem to be around this year, but there was one big construction of a letter just outside the Cabaret Tent at Glastonbury this year that got painted, tagged and generally written on as time passed.

Most of it wasn’t worth covering really, but there were some odd bits on it here and there.

big shape long shot

The main stencils on it were the panda with guns that’s been around Bristol a bit over the years. Didn’t someone once claim it was a Banksy?

rude coppers and negative panda glastonbury 2009

Either way, these ones almost certainly weren’t, sprayed in a positive and negative…

negative panda glastonbury 2009

…and none too cleanly either.

panda with guns glastonbury 2009

Oddest of all were lots of Banksy ‘Rude Copper’ stencils, poorly cut copy of an image that he never really stenciled that much anyway (if at all?).

rude copper glastonbury 2009

Nice to see one of these stickers there, spotted one on the side of the road on the way into the festival too.

migration is not a crime sticker glastonbury 2009

Finally, the Art Tart was around as well, couple of these around this field.

art tart glastonbury 2009

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