Back From It…

glasto recession photo

The blog’s been at Glastonbury for the last week or two, sorry no to have left you with content in the meantime. Still though, lots of time for taking photos of what was going on around the site. So, for the rest of this week, various different bits will be getting blogged from what was an awesome festival. Paris, Mudwig, Inkie, Xenz, Ziml, BC, Filthy Luker, a mystery project featuring Epson Von Stylus and friend, and a very old Banksy indeed.

The above photo was down by Yeoman’s Bridge, does the style look familiar to anyone else?

More very soon…


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2 responses to “Back From It…

  1. Cllr Mark Wright

    I did notice a hell of a lot of Mudwig graffiti on the toilet blocks at Glasto… Is there something you want to tell us? šŸ˜‰

    Anyway, the festival was fantastic, again. I particularly liked The Prodigy’s set, Status Quo, and listening to Zion Train outside at Arcadia when the thunderstorm broke at 2am on Monday!

    • bristolgraffiti

      Mudwig was long gone by the time the festival started apparently, no idea why he does toilet blocks!

      Zion Train were on on sunday night hey? Bugger…

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