Bits On Picton And Jamaica Streets

Quick couple of bits, interesting to see another one of the Rowdy rocks from outside of the RWA has ended up here at the end of Picton Street. That whole area’s looking pretty interesting at the moment, better than it did a few years back certainly. Since there’s another one of the rocks over at the Farm Pub in St Werburghs, anyone know where the others have got to round the city?

rowdy rock end picton street

This is reasonably new on the Jamaica Street boards too, and pretty striking. By Lee Ellis, check the link for more.

lee ellis jamaica street


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4 responses to “Bits On Picton And Jamaica Streets

  1. Ben Smith

    There’s another one as you come off the M32 onto Mina Road.

  2. Typowriter

    I know where 2 others are but it’s more fun to find them yourself.

  3. dan

    great! i wanted to hire a graffiti artist for an urban look. i went to

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