Tea And Hip Hop, Lewin’s Mead

One of the more random stencils in Bristol this, on Lewin’s Mead. Placed where few will see it round the back of Sound Control…

tea and hip hop long shot

…it’s Tea & Hip Hop.

tea and hip hop close up

No idea.


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4 responses to “Tea And Hip Hop, Lewin’s Mead

  1. Bilko

    This one has been there 10 years or more…
    I like it. Even bboys love a cuppa.

  2. Yeh, definitely been around for a while. It’s one of those I always meant to photograph but never got around to it. A nice classic, who doesn’t like tea? 😀

  3. boltar

    absolutely pointless and annoying student-afied rubbish

  4. Bilko

    Dont be so miserable Boltar
    Get the kettle on…

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