Vermin, LL Brainwashed And Upfest

So Boswell and Pen were painting down at Upfest the other weekend, and Vermin was around too, but decided to do his own thing rather than paint there. Here’s a couple of snaps of Vermin’s work from over the weekend…

First, a spot of painting on the practice boards at the end of Ashley Road, which, incidentally have been getting better and better over time.

‘Here’s to the guys with corporate logos’

here's to the guys with corporate logos

and a projection on the side of the Tobacco Factory later in the evening – ‘Fuck you you have really depressed me’

fuck you you have really depressed me

On a similar tip, this is the painting you weren’t allowed to see there. A piece by LL Brainwashed, lovingly titled ‘2 Bags of Brown, A Chicken Licken and 2 Solpadiene Max’

charity is sick

Apparently the organisers said it couldn’t be displayed or sold at the show, which seems a bit contrary to the spirit of where ‘street’ and ‘urban’ art came from in the first place.


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14 responses to “Vermin, LL Brainwashed And Upfest

  1. Jimmy Greaves

    this is totally lacking in ‘male gaze’ and easily digestible ‘messages’! what were they thinking?!

  2. st8ment

    ha ha ha, this is funny! the organizer is telling u what to paint! THIS IS SICK!

  3. QR

    puking on a canvas doesn’t really look like art to me. It probably smells pretty disguising bit like the toilets at the end of the night at oceana’s

    • anon

      the only problem was that apparantly this canvas has real puke on it .. the display areas at Tobacco factory are where people eat .. would you want to eat with the smell of puke assaulting your nostrils ? not to mention the hygiene aspect!!
      Bodily fluids are regarded as hazardous .

      if it was fake puke there would not have been a problem at all.

      and wtf is with the negativity towards this event .. i think some people are taking things out of context .. its an open to all event to help spread awareness of a really amazing organisation (namely National Association of the Children of Alcoholics) ..i seriously dont understand why this pisses people off ? its not a graff event for graffiti artists (though they are as welcome as everyone else) .. its not some swanky twat gallery lining their pockets off a load of hype and hyperbole .. it is just a chance for all who ‘want’ to , to take part , have a laugh , meet like minded folk and raise a bit of cash and awareness . why the negativity ? please someone explain to me ?

  4. a non y mouse

    anon have u ever been in McDonald’s that smells like puke assaulting your nostrils.

    long live LL Brainwashed


  5. a non y mouse

    is REAL a problem these days?

  6. I’ve sold it for £1500!

    QR – is chris ofili an artist? elephant shit is used in paint!

    wicked blog. keep the faith


  7. I’ve been debating a reply to this since it went up, it’s a shame about the negative spin you had put on this, given the great time 99% of people had at the festival, the 4k we raised for Nacoa and the massive thanks you said to me at the end of the day.

    Anyway fair play on the PR you’ve created from the piece not getting hung and congratualtions for selling it for £1500… Fancy giving a donation to the charity 😉

    There are almost a million children living with an alcohol-dependent parent(s) in the UK today and the confidential phoneline Nacoa opperate is so needed and proven by the 36,000 phonecalls they received in 2008.

    It is a shame that the piece wasn’t explained to the organisers of upfest in good time and maybe some form of research carried out on the charity we were supporting, Nacoa the charity that we support deals with alcoholism and related abuse of children and this has no class or poverty boundaries. One of the statements that influenced your piece (below) would have helped disassociate the wording ‘Charity Sick’ from the charity we were supporting, like I said along with the canvas being treated properly and some form (any form) of explanation, this would have led to the piece being hung without question.

    I’ll let the charity know that a donation is on the way… 🙂

    All the best


    “What all these pop stars and politicians want, is the usual recipe: charity. But charity is not the way to help people in need; it is not a healthy basis for a relationship between people. If you want to solve poverty, you have to put people in a position to build their own life. Unfortunately, this is not how the aid industry works. Western governments and development organizations think they need to offer permanent charity. As a result, they keep entire economies in poverty and families in an inhuman situation.”

    “The approach [many take] to poverty is thwarted by our fixed convictions. Poor people are helpless, unhealthy, illiterate and thus stupid, they have nothing, they know nothing, we must take care of them, we must give them food… It is completely wrong to think like this. I am convinced that poor people are just as human as anyone else. They have just as much potential as anyone. They are simply shoved into a box marked POOR! And it’s written in giant letters so that everyone simply treats them the way poor people are treated, because we think this is the way we should treat them. This means it isn’t easy to get out of the box.”

    Taken from –

  8. Some comments and opinions here over at Bristol Street Art Blog re: Upfest. I think as I say in my comments that it was more to do with which ‘site’ you were painting at that made the difference – theres no way I could of painted in the midst of the chaos that was The Tabacco Factory or the North Street Garage.

  9. Shonk

    Just a note to start; lets stop being defensive; debate is not negative and nobody is saying the event was wrong, it was cool and a mammoth task well done, something to feel proud of.. well done Steve and crew..

    Although I must add;

    Firstly; I’d like to congratulate LLB on creating his usual mess, “Well done doctor you appear to have uncovered the obvious truth… so soon I fear?” 

    Art is uncomfortable sometimes, surely!? 

    (As is promotion in aid of charity…?)

    That’s the point! (Of ART)

    Even when your running a very worthy ( i use that word sparingly) event and promoting a very worthy charity; who support the alcoholic (probably largely artistic minded society of addicts and their children).  I am sure the work they do would make me feel like a c**t,…daily.  I have no issue with helping people ( and organisations) who have enough thought to take the time to help others, great work I am sure ;


    Art is a debate and censuring that debate (however challenging) is bollocks, however immediately uncomfortable or difficult it is to adhere to this idea ( and we all make mistakes)  – but to give in to censorship is; in some ways – the beginning of madness. (Fear of offending is the beginning of crap…simply)

    Surely given the nonsense we live with day by day I welcome this fresh approach to the usual dribble of “urban” art the ‘establishment’ ( i use that term lightly without believing in aliens or conspiracy and understanding that I am part of an establishment… a given..) have deemed acceptable.  Come on guys it can’t all be pretty… It’s Art.  

    LLB was asked to contribute to the show; he contributed, it didn’t work out, for whatever spur of the moment reason…. it’s not important and not a witch hunt, ‘they’ are genuine, I believe.  It was probably a stressed split second decision, so I understand.  Although a sadly predictable decision.

    But… respect to LLB, a great piece of art.  A great question to pose…. A great campaign…It’s a shame you didn’t get to show it….AND It’s a shame we haven’t seen more from you … 

    A few silly points (when I think about it);

    ‘Fake Sick’ ??  Are You for Real?  
    Please.. Has the world gone mental?

    The Smell?
    Get it framed.  It’s valuable, then enjoy it  ..
    and be provoked to think and respond to …. the art …

    Agreed there are 1 million children effected by alcohol in the UK, a great shame and well done to those who help them … ( I personally support my chosen childrens charity… so no disrespect intended)


    “There are equally I am sure 1 million children who have civil servants or religious parents!
    When can we do a benefit gig in aid of them… lots of bad shit comin from that direction…”

    With respect..


  10. Steve

    Firstly my thanks still stands for the hard work you put into the event.

    Secondly i haven’t had any negative spin put on anything – (just told it as it was – the piece was rejected).

    This guy’s blog is his business and people’s reactions are their business. Sorry if you thought i was using you for PR – not my style!

    Money for charity, they had their chance and you turned it down. Charity begins at home now.

    Peace n Love

  11. ps) i was never asked for an explanation – i could easily have given one!

  12. Steve

    All good guys, cracking event none the less…

  13. toytown

    Hey .. i am new to this graffiti stuff ,, but is that LL piece what you would call a throw -up ?

    (sorry .. i will get my coat..)

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