The Mystic Swing Banksy

If you’re out and about at festivals this summer, you might want to keep an eye out for the famous Mystic Swing.

It’s the one that back round the turn of the decade was painted freehand by Banksy, and looked like this.

mystic swing long shot

Close up on the right, old style tag signature down the bottom right.

mystic swing close up

Those photos were from late 2007, and seems odd to think they hadn’t cottoned on by then to what they had, and were still taking it round muddy festivals same as ever.

Inevitably though, not long after this, the owners put the front of the swing up for sale, complete with paint attached. Don’t know what it sold for in the end, but it got a new front and another paint job, as well documented over on Flickr.

It’s changed again for this summer though, and as of Sunrise Celebration a few weeks back, it looked more like this.

mystic swing 2009

Interesting to note that the flying nut above the door has survived all three paintings if you compare the photos. Anyone know the significance?

Whilst we’re on it, with Glastonbury coming up and Banksy going on, here’s something from the crates of Glastonbury 2007, a piece of graffiti on the ‘Boghenge’ up in the Stone Circle. Raised a smile at the time.

banksy - pollock was better

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