News Story Created At Banksy Show

This story’s come in, bound to happen really wasn’t it. As Sean Ryder once said whilst sweating profusely on a late night Channel 4 culture program “Yeah, it’s like, art, imitation, art. Innit”

If you don’t know who Mclevey is, there’s more here.

Monkey see, monkey do

A trip to the opening day of ‘Banksy vs Bristol Museum’ gave
opportunity for a bit of a surprise. It seems that Mclevey has done a
Banksy to Banksy. In a note found at a nearby pub, he said he wanted
to add some proper work to the exhibit, and that that Banksy fellow
needed to be taught how it feels. There was something about a
so-called ‘Golden Rule’, but this is unconfirmed.

Just before closing, the artist was seen exposing a canvas of a monkey
chained to a typewriter and inserting it into a monkey cage. Other
museum visitors looked on, thinking that this new addition must have
been painted by the animatronic monkey in the cage, who was busy at
work on a landscape piece.

The canvas, ‘Typo’ (24 inches x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas), was
visible from all around, though Mclevey himself seemed to have
disappeared rather quickly. Unlike the notable attempts of Banksy to
make such museum insertions, Mclevey was disguised only by a bit of
stubble, having opted not to shave that morning.

Visitors to the museum are now warned that, in addition to the fake
historical artefacts that abound in the institution, there might be
fake Banksy artefacts, as well. Worse still, it appears that many of
the museum staff members who walked past the display were unable to
spot the difference. Should you visit a pub with these people, it is
highly advised that you not seek their counsel on the Spot the
Difference Quiz machine games.

Guards were despatched after Mclevey, but showed themselves to be
modern-day Keystone Kops, confused about who or what they were being
sent after, and generally discontent with being pulled away from the
shrine they had erected in front of the donut escort canvas. With a
bit of ‘breaker breaker one nine’ on their walkie-talkies, they
shuffled off to the side, attracted to the sound of the ice cream
truck in a further room.

The artist is asking that if anyone has photos of the monkey’s new
piece, they send them to Visitors are also
encouraged to share information if they hear that damn dirty ape
taking credit for the piece.


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