Painting Down St Werburghs Tunnel

After a day of painting for a show at Upfest, and in some cases not getting to paint at all, a bunch of people headed off down St Werburghs tunnel yesterday to have a proper relaxed paint. Big mix of names in a way, old and new, and annoyingly some of this blog’s photos of the finished pieces have turned out all blurred.

So, here’s most of it for now, with a less blurry update of it all coming later…


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7 responses to “Painting Down St Werburghs Tunnel

  1. harrymac

    The standard of street art in Mina rd tunnel seems to be deteriorating all the time from some great images when the tunnel was first whitewashed to sort of elaborate tags now. Shame. More imagination please.

      • Jimmy Greaves

        like all the aerosol culture (i don’t use the G word) entries on wiki, that is both woefully inaccurate and impossible to correct due to the little numpties who dedicate their lives to furthering their own agendas on there. good ol’ wiki!

        anyway i agree with harrymac for what its worth. from the start the st werbs tunnel was markedly different to dean lane and riverside. unfortunately here we are one year on and most of the writers have seen fit to treat it as nothing special and paint their standard self-promoting fare on weekends, or worse, quick dubs and tags.

        its a shame because they are the most mobile and speedy of all the various types of artists working in public, with the ability to cover huge areas quickly. if only they were the most versatile.

  2. jerforceone

    When i first painted in the tunnel the bit i painted wasn’t even whitewashed !… If you don’t like what you see then get your paint brushes and stencils out and do something but don’t be surprised if its gets gone over by some elaborate tags !….

    • graffitigirls

      I thought it was all extremely good, nuff respect, if anything we should be seeing more old school graff, not less.

  3. Jef Row was talking about installing a radiator down there. For artistic purposes, not for warmth I may add.

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