Hillgrove Street Wave Gets An Update

Many thanks to Miss B for sending this in, a new addition to the Hillgrove Street wave, finished off yesterday.


Not credited as yet, but sure that’s Phlegm right?


Filed under Bristol, Phlegm

5 responses to “Hillgrove Street Wave Gets An Update

  1. Anonymous internet critic

    hmm i’m not feeling it.

    if anything else was needed, Hokusai would’ve added it.

  2. I like it. It’s nice that something like that can get an update without it being completely painted over.

  3. Boswell

    understood but its a Hokusai copy so adding this makes it better in my book…keep up the layering .

  4. Bilko

    I agree with boswell – keep up the layering. This wave needed something else to put it into context…

  5. yepp….laying is the way on this project – mm13 working with “dan” & PRSC always saw this was the case – a wave of roses, we walked off the project as i went a bit tits up, but great to see the project moving on




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