Xenz Birds On Ninetree Hill – Gone

With all this new work going up, inevitable something had to go at some point. This time it’s the turn of the Xenz ‘birds on a wire’. Been there since 2006, kind of predating the PRSC stuff in a way, Xenz just sorted out the wall himself and got on with it.

Survived largely untouched all that time though, and has only been taken out by the wall surface itself being chopped off.

xenz brids ninetree hill gone

Nothing ever lasts forever.


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3 responses to “Xenz Birds On Ninetree Hill – Gone

  1. Bilko

    If i remember rightly Xenz just rolled up to the (heavly tagged) wall and started blocking them out with emulsion clouds. He banged the phone wires and birds up so quickly that no one even stopped to ask if he had permission….

  2. Ce’st la vie. Walls are meant to move on but nevertheless it kills to see this one go.

  3. AdamBeGood

    This saddens me.

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