Sunrise Celebration – Saturday’s Painting

So, different part of the site, down by the Bimble Inn, and different artists too, but turned out nice again, in all senses.

First of all, just Silent Hobo and Tarqs getting their paint on in the sun.

sunrise sat 1

Silent Hobo with a character piece…

sunrise sat 2

…and Tarqs with something more abstract.

sunrise sat 3

Bit later on, but the character came together pretty quickly to be fair.

sunrise sat 4

As you can tell from the shadows, a fair bit later on, drew quite a crowd.

sunrise sat 6

Really late in the day, Magic turned up as well, having headed cross country after a last minute invite.

sunrise sat 7

Really painted fast, but it all worked out well. Impressive seeing something like this done at top speed when the light’s fading.

sunrise sat 8

And that seem to be pretty much it for the light that evening, plan was to go back and get a finished photo in the morning, but sadly wasn’t to be…

sunrise sat 9

…overnight high winds had brought the whole board and fence antics crashing down, even snapping some of the blocks the fence was placed into, meaning the boards had to come off the fence.

So, for the rest of the festival, this is how these ones ended up. Real shame, but interestingly, there were still people admiring them, taking photos and generally not walking on them at all the whole time.

sunrise sat 10

Just day 3’s painting to go then…

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