Sunrise Celebration Gets A Paint Job

Fun festival Sunrise Celebration, bit hippyish, but a top vibe with tons of friendly folk. The lineup and programme seem to go out of the window at the start, but amongst the arrangements a bunch of Bristol artists had been talked into the difficult task of painting in the glorious countryside on a sunny weekend with good music and cider.

Three different sets of painting went on over the weekend, well, sort of four, but here’s the first. Sepr, Epok, Tarqs and Silent Hobo painting up by the Chai Wallahs tent.

One of those festivals where it’s all a bit DIY, so first things first, get the boards painted and attached to a fence.

sunrise friday 1

Baking hot afternoon, Sepr’s up first to mark out a character.

sunrise friday 2

Bit later on, Sepr, Tarqs and Silent Hobo are making good progress.

sunrise friday 3

As the shadows begin to draw longer, Epok’s been in and got his piece done too.

sunrise friday 4

Looked great in the evening sunshine, even if the boards went a bit warpy in the heat.

sunrise friday 5

Bit closer on the finished thing.

sunrise friday 6

Next, day 2!

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