Round The End of Bath Buildings

Just a few little bits round the garage that’s still there at the Cheltenham Road end of Bath Buildings for you.

There’s a few of these round that area at the moment, not sure how old they are, but not that old it doesn’t seem. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’, appropriate enough at the moment, although making hay may be a challenge round that area.

make hay while the sun shines bath buildings

Just up on the wall next to it, a stencil that looks like it ought to be something, can’t place it though. No idea on age, though there used to be tons of stencil on the garage opposite back in the day, where the new exclusiveluxurycitylivingurbanapartment things are now being built.

stencil bath buildings

Finally, one of these. Always raise a smile.

dub bath building

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  1. Ed

    thats such a shit dotcom throwup

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