Big Green Wasps

Got sent this a while back, think more work’s been done on it now, but given the props given to the Lib Dem Mark Wright the other day for digging into the issue of graf and the council, here’s something for a bit of political balance, what with elections coming up and all.

A work painted for the Green Party office in Old Market by Mark “Skip” Courtney, definitely more ‘street art’ than graf as such, but a very good solution to prettying up a boarded up window over nonetheless.

green party old market

Don’t want to leave the other two parties out of name checking in the name of balance here, so if anyone’s seen a Labour councillor piecing down by the tracks recently, or perhaps a Conservative trying to go all city, do send the snaps in.

Thanks to TonyD for sending it in.

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One response to “Big Green Wasps

  1. Check out the animated version in Ricky’s facebook group –
    if the link works, otherwise you’ll have to join the Get Ricky Knight Elected group in Facebook.
    Nice one Skip :-). Suggest looping it with flight of bumble bee on electric guitar – here’s a good one:

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