Banksy bristol show- confirmed!

So then, having said this blog’s not going to deal in rumours over the possibility of there being a Banksy show in Bristol, turns out there’s no need.

Just had it 100 percent confirmed by a cast iron source, Banksy will be opening a show in Bristol in June.

Should be interesting!

UPDATE: Various news sources are picking this up as the show being called ‘Homecoming’. No idea on that one, the only confirmation so far has been that the show is happening.


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9 responses to “Banksy bristol show- confirmed!

  1. unfvckingbelievable! or is it not? or is?

  2. Cast iron source can’t be banksynews on twitter. Mercurial more along right lines. Linked to you anyways. Keep it real.

    • bristolgraffiti

      You don’t get sources much better than this one, unless you guys are run by pow and those involved in it themselves?

  3. Ironside

    The worst kept secret of the summer!!

    Gonna be very interesting to see what rabbits get pulled out of hats. Especially as this will be (to the best of my knowledge) his first show without the assistance of Stavros Lazarides.

  4. Alice Burns

    Any idea what date/s

  5. kraftymiles

    This the one that is supposed to be less stencil based?

    • bristolgraffiti

      Dunno, but they’ve been less stencil based for yonks now, in fact even the Severnshed wasn’t that stencil based.

  6. How about the first UK showing of the Village Pet Store & Charcoal Grill? The Pet Store appeared in New York in October, makes sense to put it on display again, no?

    I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a shop conversion, there’s lots of empty shops around Broadmead now, close to fastfood chain might be a good spot.


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