Actual Graffiti On Jamaica Street

PRSC’s great, but a lot of the work down there does tend to be pretty ‘inclusive’ and often a bit fine arty around the edges. Check out what’s replaced the really top work Vermin, Jody and Warp had done on Armada Place a couple of weeks ago.

armada place in progress

Not sure if this is the finished work or not.

armada place done

(thanks to Steve for the photos)

So it’s pretty funny to see what looks like some late night pissed scribbling on the PRSC boards on Jamaica Street at the moment, doesn’t seem to be getting removed that quickly either, though sure it will when the next people come along to paint them up.

lokey jamaica street long shot

lokey jamaica street

Good work Mr L!

Incidentally, the work done at the PRSC painting weekend last weekend is going to be sold at a dutch auction over the next couple of weeks. Opens tonight at 7:30pm, and goes on until the 5th of June. Here’s the flyer business…


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One response to “Actual Graffiti On Jamaica Street

  1. stokescroft

    Thanks, the plug is v. welcome…

    Closing party Thursday… everything on reserve price… Almost free!

    Chris C

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