St George Skate Park Gets Painted

Blogged here in the run up, but couldn’t make it along to the actual event. Neil though took some top photos of the painting going on at St George Skate Park last weekend. Looks like all turned out well, despite the weather…

Here’s a few from his Flickr.





…and Jody


Tons of painting going on though, check out Neil’s set on Flickr for more!


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2 responses to “St George Skate Park Gets Painted

  1. Jody

    Weather permitting I’m going back down tomorrow to finish mine. Was very on and off rain wise and only a few of us got a good start! Bless Alice Greenland who organised it though despite adverse conditions her and her brother did a great job.

  2. sue

    this is a very cool peace of graffiti!
    i like it because clowns are realy skeary and freaky.
    my skatebord park is caled flame-skull
    we have festavils there on evey family acosion!!
    it all free free free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    see you there.

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