Banksy Bristol Show Rumours

According to internetz people, there are rumours of a Banksy show coming up in Bristol at some point in June. Internet rumours are dangerous things, and as tempting as it is to have some fun with them and send people flying backwards and forwards across the city like some crazy ARG, this blog’s not going to go getting involved*.

Picture 50

Much more interestingly though, the rumours of Kuldesac T Shirts making a return to Bristol do seem to be true according the the Let Them Hang newsletter. Everything good comes back eventually innit.

*feel free to use the comments to make up your own crazy rumour shit if you want though…


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3 responses to “Banksy Bristol Show Rumours

  1. Internetz power and rumour mongering abilities could be intoxicating if not in the right hands. I’m left handed though

    • Theartfultruth

      Banksy News on Twitter – Bah! Its true though like. Though the 12th not the 13th. He is there now getting the show in order.

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