Cheo, 3Dom and Stokes Croft – An Apology!

Thanks for Growler for sending this in, seems Jan Ormondroyd, the Council Chief Exec, has issued a speedy and full apology for painting out the Cheo and 3Dom piece on Stokes Croft the other day. Here’s the chat…

Thank you for contacting me regarding the mural in Stokes Croft.
I have looked into the matter thoroughly and have issued the following official statement to publicly apologise for the mistake.
I would like to thank you again for taking the time to contact me and I would like to assure you that Bristol City Council takes
this matter very seriously and are committed to putting it right.

Yours sincerely

Jan Ormondroyd
Chief Executive

Statement from Bristol City Council

We would like to apologise for the removal of a mural in Stokes Croft by our graffiti clean up team.

The mural was removed following a complaint to the council from a member of the public.
However, as this mural was on a privately owned building, the council should have made contact with the owner first to seek permission before removing it and this was unfortunately not done.

We will be speaking to the owner to explain the situation and to discuss how the error can be put right.

Well, that’s a turn up for books isn’t it. Not only the right response, but a speedy one too!

Interestingly, and contrary to the policy, she seems to suggest that the council does in fact need a property owner’s permission before removing graffiti, although it isn’t mentioned what would happen if the owner says no.

Still though, as odd as it feels to press this combination of keys, well done Bristol City Council. Will be interesting to see what happens next once they’ve spoken to the owner, watch that space!


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5 responses to “Cheo, 3Dom and Stokes Croft – An Apology!

  1. stokescroft

    Unfortunately,the apology is not all it seems. The owner has asked the Council to contact PRSC, as it was organised by us. They have not done so. Furthermore, they then phoned again to ask if they could paint out the “Council Vandalism” piece…
    Again, the owner referred the Council to ourselves.
    We heard nothing. so, the Council phoned the owner again, and this time warned him that the building was Grade 2 listed, and any writing required planning permission…
    Presumably this means that the chipboard on which we painted is Grade 2 listed.
    Obviously, BCC would not be attempting to place pressure on the owner, in order to cover their embarrassment…
    Chris Chalkley

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