Migration Is Not A Crime Is Not A Banksy

Seems this story has kicked off today, an ‘a Banksy painted over in Glastonbury‘ classic.

An artwork attributed to the Bristol street artist Banksy was mistakenly painted over by volunteers cleaning up graffiti.

The political piece in Glastonbury, said to be worth £5,000, was painted on a wall two years ago and shows an image of Paddington Bear captioned “Migration is not a crime”.

But well-meaning volunteers covered over the precious image as part of the town council’s drive to rid the area of graffiti, the authority admitted.

‘Migration is not a crime’ stencil with Paddington Bear? The one that’s occasionally appeared all over Bristol for a good few years now?


It’s not a Banksy.

If you want to see some other appearances of it over time, see here, and here, and here, and here.

Shame for the guy that’s had it painted over, got a photo somewhere of one by Bar 130 in Bristol that’s been carefully painted round. But really, who valued this at £5,000? Given street pieces can’t be authenticated and don’t sell?

Worth bearing in mind that this is the third time a story in the Western Daily Press and its associated papers has misidentified a Banksy in Glastonbury ( here, here and here), and the second time the Guardian’s picked up on it too (here and here). Really, if you want to run a story on a graf piece, give it at least a bit of research first. There’s people out there to help.


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3 responses to “Migration Is Not A Crime Is Not A Banksy

  1. Ironside

    There’s a new (i think it’s new) one on the traffic bollard in the middle of Cheltenham rd by the old infamous Audi garage.

    Yet again lazy fucking journo’s!

    Wake up! Everyone’s at it & a tag line from an artist that amused me of late –

    ”If you can’t use a pencil, Use a Stencil”!!

  2. a non y mouse

    Shock!!! Volunteers cleaning graffiti actually did what they were supposed to. WTF ever next! I feel like i’m living in The Day Today program. Pass the biscuits Chris.

  3. Quoted on Banksy News Twitter site, good job on the clear up

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