Round Up Of Bits

Slightly longer pause in blogging than expected that, sorry! Anyway, here’s a round up from round about.

First up, some bits from the weekend. Not been over that way to get photos of them yet, but there’s some good ones you can click on and everything over on Boswell’s blog – Boswell, Vermin and Jody out on the paint in PRSC land. One down by the saunas, and the other on Armada Place round the back of Ninetree Hill by the looks of it. Here are a couple shamelessly stolen from Boswell’s blog, head over there for the others.



Next, a few bits for the diary next week. First up, a closing party for the Crimes of Passion exhibition, 6pm til midnight on Bank Holiday Monday (4th May). Tickets only £4, should be a laugh.


Then, Thursday (7th May), Acer‘s got a show opening at the Friend and Co Gallery. Worth noting that this one’s a bit shifted forward from usual opening night times, running from 6pm to 8pm. 3 new prints and some original pieces too. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the prints…

UPDATE: Swopping the image for the proper flyer.


After that, as blogged before, opening of the Weapon of Choice Gallery on Friday night (8th May). Top line up of people in the first show, should be quite a party.


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