Temwa Auction Reminder

Don’t forget, it’s the graf/street art/whatever auction down at the Attic Bar (next to the Full Moon, bottom of Stokes Croft) tonight from 7pm. Lots of different work from lots of different people. Last year’s was a great laugh, so worth a wander down even if you’re not (initially) planning on bidding.

The line up

• Mr Jago
• Paris
• Dicy
• Will Barras
• Piro
• Mr Parker
• Seza
• Mr Riks
• Retro Boy
• Fernando Alves
• Cheba
• Nikill
• Lokey
• Cheo
• Felix ‘Flx’ Braun
• Tom Moore
• High Renaissance

Also “classic soul, funk and hiphop from the Monster Piece DJs and The Disco Two”.

Here’s some snaps from last time, bit of Jago in the distance…


…and some Will Barras too.


(photos Chris Conlon)

Will be interesting to see what they have lined up for this one.

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