Nick Walker: A Sequence Of Events


News has come in that Nick Walker’s got a book coming out towards the end of next month, a retrospective kind of thing covering images of his work for the last 10 years or so. Apparently Mr Walker’s been recreating images from the past to go into it, and the whole thing’s going to be launched at Black Rat Press in London on the 28th of May 2009.

There’s going to be a book signing on that night by the man himself, and the images recreated for the book are going to be up for sale on the night too.

Even more impressively, the whole thing’s being promoted with one of the cheesiest, nausiating and most money oriented press releases this blog’s ever seen. Here’s as much as we could bare to blog…

Many events happen within the world of urban art, but every year a tremor flows through the market when Nick Walker makes work available…Nick’s solo show in May will generate interest on a global scale and the popularity of his artistic talent was reflected at his last solo show which saw enthusiasts queue for over 36 hours and sales of $1.5m.  At a recent print release at the London Art Fair organisers had to recruit additional staff to handle the influx of prospective buyers.

Nick Walker: More than a commercial asset, honest.


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5 responses to “Nick Walker: A Sequence Of Events

  1. a non y mouse

    Shame that his work is shit!

  2. Yeh, I… really do not like the way his work is marketed. It’s exactly the opposite of the way he comes across in videos… so bizarre. And they overinflated the demand for his work more than once. So lame. Will probably pick this book up, should be good.

  3. Karl Marx

    Spare me the pain. I’m going to have a word. Needs to get a grip…

    • Jef Row

      There must be thousands of talented people out there who either dont want, dont need or dont know how to market their their product, and not just artists. Nick does, so shall we all cuss him for finally being able to make a living from his skills and hard work?
      Ive known him for over ten years now, when he was freezing his nozzle off in a studio in the Robinson Paper Bag factory in Bedminster. He made the decision years before that that he wanted to be a professional artist and nothing but. Spent years doing the leg work round the globe to make a name for himself earning just enough to get by aswell as having a young family to support.
      It would have been very easy to ‘get a proper job’ and have his art as a side line or hobby, but he stuck at it, channeling all available energy into it.
      You may not like his work, one cant please all the people all the time, but plenty of people do and the true statements in that press release point that out.
      Last of all can I point out that nothing that Nick has ever painted has been contradicted by his sucess, he simply always believed if he worked hard enough he would achieve his dream, surely thats not a bad thing for any of us to aspire to?

      • bristolgraffiti

        Think you’ve pretty much missed the point there. No-one’s got a problem with him making money, far from it. But a press release that defines him in terms of commerciality rather than his art is just wrong, especially when he’s stuck at doing what he has for so long, even in the absence of fame and money. You don’t see it with other artists, and it’s a bit tragic that the graf/street art world can be referred to in terms of money as a primary message.

        The man’s an extremely talented artist, who’s stuck with his thing longer than most and fully deserves the rewards and attention he’s now getting. But at the same time, he should be judged by and promoted through the skill of his work, not the fact that the value of his work went up in the last couple of years.

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