Sepr On Gloucester Road

Just a quick one as time is short. This Sepr work’s been up for a while now, but seems to get missed as it’s a bit out of the way on the part of the Gloucester Road that’s pretty empty, just by where Guerilla Galleries used to be.


Closer upper on the dood on the fly.



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2 responses to “Sepr On Gloucester Road

  1. a non y mouse

    is anyone else bored of sepr?

    i was watching telly the other day and bloody “Serp St.” came on…


  2. el_$pokeo

    completely unrelated whatsoever.. but whilst looking at G20 riot pics on this blog i noticed that cheeky Mau Mau print i saw at 12 days of xmas.. think it was called bling reaper or something. Scroll right to the bottom.. 2nd to last picture, the feds seem oblivious to it’s presence and slight market value. Wonder if Mau Mau left anymore lying around..

    Also top right is a download link to some free tunes by session..

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