Banksy Mild Mild West Defaced

It got tagged the other week, and painted out again in black paint quickly, but now it’s been done pretty irrevocably. The Banksy Mild Mild West piece on Stokes Croft, which had survived intact for 9/10 years or so has now been gone over in red paint.


All still a bit unclear at the moment, but seems these people at Appropriate Media may be behind it.

In the early hours of this morning, Banksy’s ‘Mild Mild West’ on Stokes Croft in Bristol (UK) was repainted by a member of Appropriate Media, presenting an alternative version of this ‘alternative Bristol landmark’.

Through this action, Appropriate Media asks ?What is the value of street art??. How much time and money will be spent to restore this urban ‘masterpiss’ by urban masterpisser, Banksy.

Come on, you only care about it cos its a Banksy and he sells his lazy polemics to Hollywood movie stars for big bucks.

Come on, you only care about it cos makes you feel edgy and urban to tour round the inner city in your 4×4, taking in the tired coffee table subversion that graffiti has become.

Graffiti artists are the copywriters for the capitalist created phenomenon of urban art.
Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.

We call for the appropriate and legitimate use of public and private property.
We are taking matters into our own hands

We will not seek permission

We will retaliate

Seemed like it was only a matter of time really once the fencing around the building next to it came down, and you could get right up to it easily enough.

That’s the last Banksy freehand piece gone then isn’t it? Think so.

UPDATE 7:30pm

Got some photos of it this evening, turns out the paint may have been water based, and has mostly cleaned off, but it’s not pretty.

Doesn’t look too bad in the long shot.


Bit less classic in the close up


The policemen seem to have lost some paint round the legs. The damage round the ‘upper thighs’ of the one on the right is from a previous tagging of it a week or two ago that got painted out by PRSC.


The teddy hasn’t come off too badly.


But the white bits below are a bit of a mess.


Caught up with PRSC people down there too. As they saw it, they had three options this morning after what they describe as an “artistic intervention” on the piece. Leave it as it was, clean it up, or paint over the whole thing. Apparently, after taking a straw poll of people walking past, the decision, perhaps unsurprisingly, was to clean it up.

So they spent today washing the paint off before it dried, and also cleaning the Panik piece below if at the same time. As they see it, each piece is of equal merit and worth.

UPDATE 07/04/09 1:15pm

For interest, here’s a photo taken by PRSC of the previous tagging stencil thing that was done on the piece a week or two ago, painted out by them pretty much straight away.



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27 responses to “Banksy Mild Mild West Defaced

  1. Jody

    Shit. I’m very tempte to go and ‘repair’ this piece myself but I dont know how long that would last.

  2. bobby dazzler

    fucking hippies, and i don’t even drive or drink “coffee” oooooh coffee, how trendy and posh you have to be to drink coffee!!

    what do they drink, the blood of their enemies?

  3. a non y mouse

    “i knew that riot would turn into a blood bath eventually…!!! i blame the police myself that teddy bear didn’t do anything”

  4. Unity

    Perhaps Appropriate Media could organise a book-burning to save us from unsuitable literature too.

  5. Ivan Drago

    These kids are fools. Being angry about something for the sake of it, they probably all live with their Guardian-reading parents in Sneyd Park or something and want notoriety from defacing something that the majority enjoy.

    Funny that these self-righteous fools were probably listening to Bob The Builder when Banksy put this piece up, and this ill-informed and partially developed view of right and wrong has led them to do this, in some kind of ‘know-it-all sixth former fashion’.

    Pretty much a case of classic, ironically misinformed idiocy.

  6. neil

    Will be interested what they mean by appropriate use of property. They’ve said what they are against but what kind of graf / street art are they for?

  7. ozzymandust

    i’m not falling into their cunningly contrived appropriate publicity trap by commenting on this … doh!

  8. edmittance

    that’s a shame, whatever the politics.

    “Appropriate Media oppose the over-articulation of the urban environment.”


    shame this cultural movement doesn’t oppose the over-articulation of their positioning statements.

  9. Bunch of muppets. They’re not even original. The ‘manifesto’ on their site is a word-for-word lift of a Charlie Brooker piece from almost 3 years ago.

    Apparently the paint used is water soluble, from what i’ve heard, and the PRSC are cleaning it off as we speak.

    • bristolgraffiti

      It’s probably entirely justified by being poststructuralist intertextuality, subverting our preconceptions even further.

  10. st8ment

    frustrated?! well known phenomena and shown in many movies: the “real” one is undervalued and so he destroyes the pieces of his admired artist

  11. Damian

    Seems to have been cleaned off ok: photo taken this evening

  12. a non y mouse

    well we look forward to the plastic shield then! Was it was an inside job? is Banksy back in town?

  13. bobby dazzler

    does this mean we can go and throw paint around in the cube cinema now? click the link

  14. bobby dazzler

    no your right, they just host the website!

  15. a non y mouse

    bobby dazzler hasn’t anyone told you – you can throw paint wherever you like, as long as you don’t get caught…happy splashing!

  16. I believe that maybe we all have a new name to get behind guys.

    Appropriate Media..


    Keep saying it, Appropriate Media, Appropriate Media, Appropriate Media, Appropriate Media,

    I dont know ANYTHING about them, but the names making my gonads tingle

  17. a non y mouse

    funny how they say “Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.” When their name ‘appropriate media’ is an anagram of ‘I Prime Adaptor Ape’.

  18. a non y mouse

    ps) pissing myself at “this is how revolution starts’ – yeah right – man the barricades!

  19. On one hand: this is why we can’t have nice things. On the other, more people need to kick the Banksy pedestal – not out of hate for him, but out of hate for the media masturbation. This made BBC News for fucks sake. On the OTHER, it’s another group of people leeching off the work of another. Make your own platform, stop trying to get one via shitting on another person.

    Regardless, what’s with the use of the word “deface”? 😛

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  21. I agree with Natali.

    Major stories in Bristol rarely get onto the BBC News website until at least the next day. This made it up by lunchtime, with two stories, including a photo gallery; and the Evening Post even has a ‘Banksy’ link on its main link bar, giving him equivalency with education, health, government etc…

    And yet this is a much-loved local landmark. It’s one of the few things around MY neighbourhood which has been there over the last decade to brighten the place up, to raise a chuckle, to say something about our area.

    Splashing a bit of red paint around in the early hours, posting up a rag week manifesto and taking third-rate photos of it come the morning do not an impressive cultural statement make, IMO.

    That said, it’s an ephemeral piece of work. I’m more interested in the way I’m being priced out of my area. I wonder if the intellectual and aesthetic heavyweights behind Appropriate Media have anything useful to say or do on that account, or are they truly one-trick self-publicists?

  22. Boswell

    Well they must have used some weak ass organic paint as it appears to be transluscent ,you can still see the outlines through it,which I think looks pretty good especially on the teddy bear…. should have left that bit I reckon ….bit of a mindless attack but as other people have said why should banksy `s stuff be immune to going over?In graff nothing is sacred especially if its just a means to gentrify the area and get the house prices up ..which is in some ways is whats been so wrong with our country for a good while now.Graff has lost its power to shock with architects and developers including it in their plans I d like to see stuff that unsettles these people keep them on their toes ..or we face the possibilty of a souless enviroment with the asthetic controlled by people from a distance who dont care what its like at ground level.Keep it RAW.

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  24. Why not take this a stage further? lynch Massive Attack, sink the Thekla, blow up the suspension bridge, pour radioactive waste into the harbour. These things are all crap and you like them, then you don’t deserve to live in Bristol with your 4×4 and your COFFEE!

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