Fancy A Bit Of Painting Down In St George?

Coming up on Saturday May 16th, there’s a graf competition being organised down at St George Skate Park, music, prizes and so on, sponsored by the council. All with a view to improving the skate park, with a dedicated graf wall being talked about as part of the long term plans too.

Plan for the day is to get everything there painted, but the organisers have a pretty long list of writers lined up already by the sound of it, so it’s not just a turn up and paint affair. That said, there may be a few spaces for people at the moment, so if you’re interested in getting involved then drop us a line here at the blog and we’ll pass you on to them.

They’ve sent over some photos of what’s there at the moment as well, interesting stuff, and worth recording before it all gets painted over!









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5 responses to “Fancy A Bit Of Painting Down In St George?

  1. Me

    Where is this skate park?

  2. Me

    Ok. Thanks mate.

  3. Neil

    Can’t wait my local park! 🙂

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