News Roundup

Few bits and pieces going on and coming up, time for a Channel Five style ‘quick and vacuous’ news round up.

First off, forgot to blog it before it opened last Friday night, but the good people at Threenine have just opened a show up at the Golden Lion on Gloucester Road. Lokey, Cheo, Boswell, Fiction, Cons and Zase. Looks pretty good, the flyer’s below, and there’s some shots of work up on the Threenine Blog.


Next up, the next Weapon of Choice has been announced, Vermin and Tarqs, should be very interesting. 14th April down at Mr Wolf’s from 9pm.


There’s an interesting story here about that up in High Kingsdown having a protective frame bought for it by local residents. Not seen it first hand, so not sure how accurate it is (especially since it says the piece is in the ‘Montpelier Region’), but funny in a way if it is true

At least 20 households are thought to have clubbed together to buy the £30 glass and wooden frame to save the mural being “defaced by common criminals”.
They paid another £20 to a local builder to hang the frame, which has been cleaned at least once-a-week after it appeared on a wall in the Montpelier region of Bristol.

Another one of those stories that under the surface struggles to deal with the tension between vandalism and ‘art’ though…

Luke Scrine, 29, said the frame has already done its job after local youngsters were spotted trying to destroy it with rude ‘tags’.

He said: “Banksy is from Bristol and we’re proud as punch about it.

“So when this appeared, we wanted to protect it from being defaced by common criminals.

Because of course, spraying a stencil on someone’s wall (presumably without permission) when you’re famous isn’t a crime, but when the people in the area don’t know who you are, it is. Must be official that, cos it’s in the Telegraph.

On a similar note, there was apparently a big load of events last Friday and over the weekend to make Bristol safer by making people feel like suspects in their own city. Sounds like part of this was bound to have included graffiti removal operations, and, as much as it can be hoped that the council know more what they’re doing now in leaving decent pieces and history alone, has anyone out there noticed anything of note disappear over the weekend?

It’s worth a check…

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  1. The story about the frame is true – it’s on Thomas St North just off Dove Street…

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