Jeffrow Fridges Last Week

Despite not being in the show, Jeffrow as still out and about last week around the RWA exhibition, leaving more free pieces on fridge doors around for people to collect.


Word is that these were locked in place to things, with instructions left for people to work out the code to unlock them and claim them.


Quite a cool idea, didn’t stop them disappearing really quickly though, nice to think people had to put some effort into getting hold of their free art.

Here’s another one that’s been done specially to help raise funds for the Bristol Drugs Project. Not sure when and where it’s being sold yet, but if you like it keep an eye out.



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3 responses to “Jeffrow Fridges Last Week

  1. eastvillite

    Aw he’s a city fan!
    It feels somewhat tainted now…

  2. Jef Row

    Actually he’s a QPR fan, and possibly Eastvillite, you are a Rovers fan? That would sort of make us football cousins, so I hope that sits better with you!
    Auction was last Friday at Ashton Gate, and it sold for £1650. They raised £12851.50 in total.
    Well done to everyone who organised (especially Mario), contributed and parted with their hard earns for an excellent and much needed project in our city.

  3. Eastvillite

    Ah good to hear. Well done to all involved

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