22 responses to “paris-done-1

  1. Andrew

    laughable attempt at a Philly handstyle there – incidentally the Philly school stretches back generations and the styles are strictly taboo for outsiders to copy. whether Paris’s version is good or not is completely irrelevant, merely doing it is considered unsporting, end of story. almost as bad as WHAT Collective’s dry efforts to render their names in pixacao, which for those of you who don’t know is Brazil’s version of Chav gang graffiti. can you imagine a foreign middle class artist appropriating some Glaswegian ‘menchies’ for their own ends, namely to sell paintings in galleries? it would be cringeworthy and stupid.
    whats wrong with building upon British foundations? too difficult? not exotic enough? I’m intrigued.

  2. TheVoiceofTreason


    That bitterness, hate, bile, biting critique, beef, pettyness and sheer negativity will dissolve your soul, or what’s left. Try the brighter more positive route in life. We get it ffs stop droning on and get out more, we understand you only judge people worthy if they pay there dues trackside and paint to your remit.

    Engage and stop bitchin, your killing us with your doom and so so high moral ground.

  3. Unity

    I can’t wait to see Andrew and GBKM’s groundbreaking work. It must be life-changing stuff to justify all the shit they’re writing about other artists.

  4. TheVoiceofTreason

    Sorry to spit again without waiting to hear your whining & ultimately predictable retort.

    I was reading about the sickening human tragedy (real tragedy Andrew) of the Fritzl case and an interview with the prosecution psychiatrist Dr Heidi Kastner.

    Does she feel sorry for Fritzl? “Sorry?” she repeats to herself. There’s a long pause. “A small part of me feels sorry for him because he didn’t choose to have that kind of upbringing and that kind of disturbance. He chose to exercise it and for that he is guilty, but what he is inside, he didn’t choose.”

    I once interviewed a doctor who treats rape victims, who not only sees hundreds of women every year, but also around 700 children. She told me that even after all that, she still has faith in human goodness. Does Kastner?

    She nods. “I do. It’s important that you do because if you don’t, you get cynical and it changes you in a way you wouldn’t want to be changed.”

    Andrew it’s changed YOU. You never used to be like this ‘Back in the day’


  5. GBKM

    I have talked about the show as a whole. I have not named and shamed an artist, lets just get that clear…

    I simply felt the artists images at the RWA should of betrayed the future and not the past with historical reference to the beauty of the space.

    As a very well respected critic from my own merits in the world of architecture and interior design, having followed graff for many years, my opinion has been sought after all over the world -the USA, Australia and Europe. Having returned back to England, my birthplace Bristol, i have watched with intent as i believe that graffiti could warrant the cross between architecture and art in modern and future societies to create healthy minds and human sanity. Fighting the old money mindset seclusion of grey, uninspiring new and old builds. The thoughtless, mundane, dull… need i go on? You live in it.

    As artists we should be striving to leave a legacy for our kids growing up on the streets to have respect for themselves and property. To be granted free space for freedom of expression. If graffiti had a firm place in society and not just for ‘gallery fame’ the movement could put 2 fingers up to old minds and we would have the battle won. Installed in the concrete mass of mess the legal freedom to speak, draw, paint the theory of our minds and human voice – true street art. I find it very sad that future graffiti will be judged by galleries, a seemingly insular group, rather than on the walls -the true British nitty gritty.

    Instead of just hearing what you want to hear – I would like to think my critisism is constructive, not negative. Remember your roots. This is my work and if you dont like it… let me know why. Yes this is an outsiders point of view… but at least i’m thinking outside the box.

    A skill in spray paint doesn’t catapult the future into vision…

  6. Andrew

    TheVoiceOfTreason, I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else. no one who knows me would use the term ‘back in the day’ in inverted commas. plus they would probably contact me in person if they felt my soul needed saving.

    Unity, my work is groundbreaking in some respects, although I wouldn’t consider that a high compliment. I am skeptical about the need for art to ‘progress’ in a linear fashion, ism after ism, an idea that seems to consume some people to the point where you can almost see the blinkers on their faces.

    you place graffiti in a gallery, you came in for some criticism, one or two dissenting voices, I don’t see the problem with that. GBKM and I were unfailingly polite (I don’t think either of us used a profanity) somewhat constructive and always thoughtful. furthermore we are not a team! I actually disagreed with something GBKM wrote earlier in the week but I chose not to start that debate because it was fairly irrelevant to the blog.

  7. 45rpm

    The way i see it is you take inspiration in what inspires you. Then run with it for yourself and not to please others. I guess ive got to the point were im happy with my wall and were my style is going.
    I get the point but also dont care at the same time, thats not how graffiti works some love euro some dont, some love wildstyle some dont etc etc. The beauty of graffiti is you paint for yourself and thats it, fuck trying to please other people. But dont get me wrong criticism is good, loads better then your wall looked great etc…

  8. That's Disgusting

    Hello there. Thought I’d get involved in this lively debate. Can’t say I’m as intellectually clued up as other critics on here, but I’ll say my piece.

    I actually made it down to the opening night of this. Can’t say I managed to speak my mind on what an embarrassment for bristol graffiti this is since I was steaming drunk on morgan spice after half an hour. (Free bar is the best combination of words.) I will take the time now though.

    Most of the “work” in there was not remarkable, it was the same sort of shit you see at dean lane on saturday. So why was it on display at the RWA?

    Has the quality of bristol street art and graffiti suddenly improved? Has public opinion suddenly changed? Nope. Some months ago graff was getting attention from liberals and eco warrior types at makeshift galleries around north bristol, serious money was changing hands but it still felt slightly better than this. What it comes down to is you people have no ethics, you’ll get involved anywhere for a bit of risk free, cheap fame. Too shook to bomb, you’ll do anything for attention, and people know it. You got corporate sponsorship from Puma, Redbull (thanks for all the drinks) and BRISTOL FUCKING COUNCIL, the very people who remove graffiti in the streets, the place where it belongs, our streets, and now your holding hands and painting where they tell you so they can sell it to rich wankers!? You can kid yourselves and say that you’re getting one over on the council cos now they are effectively paying you to do what you want but the truth is you are wrong. Your getting raped, graffiti is getting raped but you wont be able to stand up and testify when it’s all over because you cant claim rape if you lubed up your bum and consented to it!

    To quote 45rpm “The beauty of graffiti is you paint for yourself and thats it, fuck trying to please other people” I’d have to agree with you there 45, and say i’m surprised to hear you say it. If that is your definition of graffiti, you’ll agree that you wont find any in the RWA. Anyone who thought that wouldn’t be on display there, they’d be doing what they want, where they want, how they want. Fuck trying to please other people right? Just paint for yourself. See everyone who ever thought that and stuck by it, wont be getting an invite to paint in the RWA, their work wont sell and they wont compromise their morals by adapting their work for some smug cunt who can’t afford a Banksy but wants a piece of street art for their Clifton condo. Anyone who thought that, really and truly would probably try and blag entrance to the RWA just to laugh at you sell outs and get drunk for free on the stupid corporate sponsers.

  9. 45rpm

    your dead write fella, but the difference between me and you is i also want to be an artist, so im happy to paint shows, paint canvases etc, as id rather be happy creating the shit that knocks about in my head then worry if someone thinks im a sell out. There is nothing that makes me happier then painting a shitty wall, but i also enjoy wanking over a design on the computer. I know my history, live and breath graffiti, still get a twitch watch dirty hands but i also love to paint a show so what can i do. So to sum it up, i guess im going to keep doing what im doing and your going to keep doing what your doing. So yeah graffiti is getting raped but im more of a dry hump then a full penetration

  10. Andrew

    45RPM, if you paint for yourself as you claim, how about taking some inspiration from yourself? let your personality come through. one problem I see with fitting graffiti into the lineage of Western art, like a square peg in a round hole, and putting it in boring galleries, is that inevitably it becomes too refined and self-referential. thus in bids to be ‘fresh’ and different we end up with artists pinching ideas from Sao Paolo, in an echo of Picasso getting his grubby mitts on African masks and Europeans paying small fortunes for Aboriginal paintings. I no longer care whether it is ethical or not, its just dull! (yeah I know in my first post I appear to care about Paris’s motivations and the ethics of foreign influences, but I have to confess I was playing Devil’s Advocate to some extent. biting Philly handstyles is still wrong though.) anyway I though graffiti was above all that. where are the personalities of the artists in this alleged graffiti? I don’t mean in a celebrity way, I just wanted to see some individuals who are supposed to be completely free of the kind of teaching and waffle that is evident within the work usually exhibited on the RWA walls. I don’t care about fake freshness, conventional beauty, cleverness, puns, novelty, I want Truth! like TOX09 is the Truth.

    I have seen enough graffiti lettering to know how to ‘read’ it. I can see the motivations, the hang ups, influences, thought processes of writers. it takes years of quietly looking at many pieces for this insight to reveal itself, and its only available to other practitioners (sorry flickr groupies!) armed with this knowledge, I wasn’t blown away by any of the pieces in the exhibition. (Feek on the other hand is without doubt a world class character painter.)

    maybe if everyone starts painting what is in their souls, or heads, balls or wherever, we might get some graffiti that is less about the fragile egos and fame of the oh-so-clever artists, and perhaps instead acknowledges (or reflects, hints at) the fact we are in the grip of recession at the moment, in the process of losing a war, theres no jobs, Britain is fucked left right and centre. apparently a quarter of the population is mentally ill mainly because of inequality (TheVoiceOfTreason you may have read about that real tragedy in the Guardian, see if you can construct some crude analogies out of it with which to offend me.)

    the possibilities are endless. as William Blake said ‘Nature is Imagination’. (Blake, by the way, was completely indifferent to politics and never made art about wider ‘issues’. if you thought the preceding paragraph was asking for more overtly political murals in the 1980s style, I didn’t make myself clear enough)

  11. Jody

    Good god almighty.

    Put your thesauruses away. Architects and interior designers are now critics – I think it was Sibelius that said ‘no one ever built a statue in honor of a critic’.

    Despite all this public forum masturbation that I’m sure has taken hours to compose in an attempt to sound clever did any of you give your opinions to the artists themselves face to face on the night? I doubt it. If you weren’t blown away by the show that’s fine – to be honest neither was my mother-in-law.

    I’ve never read so much pretentious horse shit. There, I used some profanity. This is the sort of hideous art-waffle that has ruined the Turner Prize, The Tate Modern and ‘modern’ art in general. Are we not missing the point that ‘graffiti’ is the artistic element of hip-hop? That Bristol in many ways has played a part in redefining what graffiti/aerosol/street art is? Maybe you will smack me down with a rakish and debonair touch for being too simplistic. Quoting Blake – give me a fucking break!

    If we are quoting let me quote Jim Jarmusch the American film maker:
    “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery – celebrate it if you feel like it.” In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”

    There, that pretentious enough for you?

  12. Bilko

    Andrew, what do you write?

  13. GBKM

    An account of vindictiveness then by ‘voice of treason’.

    The act of treason… the offense of violating the duty of allegiance owed to one’s crown. The dutiful support and respect of a person has been wrongly charged. Re-reading the account, i cant quite believe how low one has stooped. An elitist ‘bully’ by the above accounts and possible damaging accusations. Fact. An apology surely must be made to Andrew and the ‘back in the day’ a seemingly innocent party caught up in crossed wires.

    As Andrew said…. “you placed graffiti in a gallery, you came in for some criticism” I dont see the problem either? Whoever Andrew is, he has my respect for speaking his mind. Something we seem to lack in this environment. Maybe the truth hurts, but surely it is better to hear the honest opinion of your work and take it on the chin like any adult would. To take the positives from the negativity, turn it around! The art of open debate, unbiased public discussion without fingers being wildly pointed. Welcome to the real world of critics … voices of reason.

    ‘Thats Disgusting’! I quite agree.

  14. That's disgusting

    This has all gotten too clever for me.
    Lol @ dry hump.

  15. Me

    I believe that people can do what they want. Why waste time criticising people for putting their shit in a gallery? It is THEIR art. Not YOURS. You can do you and stick to the streets (although I doubt by the sound of your posts that many of you even write, so don’t qualify to judge anyway) if you want, and the next dude can express themselves in whatever way they want.

    People forget that real Graffiti “artists” don’t write for you looking at it. They write for themselves. For whatever selfish reason that might be.

    45, you sound like a good dude, and your Owls are the shit ;). Bless bro.

  16. PARIS

    Andrew, -what are you on about?.
    If you came from Philly, or even painted, I’d give you the time of day.

    I wanted to do a BIG FAT TAG, next to my range of paintings in the RWA, just because I could!…simple as that.

    Read my biog in the show catalogue and you might get more of an insight.

    I’ve been painting for 20years (IN ENGLAND!), I’ll tag in whatever style I please ,and the whole point was to get a tag in there for the shock value….
    A lot of people chose to do pieces, and I’m tired of hearing “we like the colourfull graffiti but not the skrawl”

    Well I’ll paint what I want where I want.


  17. FLX ONE

    @ Me: Thanks for putting it all so succinctly, you’re spot on.
    As one of the artists and curators of this exhibition I am amazed by the volume of vitriol it has stirred up, and at the same time delighted that we are provoking such a heated debate.

  18. Yoss

    A couple of armchair experts spouting their jumped up, self important opinions from the anonymous safety of the internet. Total wankers.

  19. bristolgraffiti

    Shall we bring this particular correspondence to a close here all?

  20. PARIS

    Ha ha, yep, lets get on with whats important= painting.
    Fresh painting spots anyone?
    Summers just round the corner,
    Time to Roc…


  21. bobby dazzler


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