Googlemap Street View On Graf

So the street view thing on googlemaps came out today, and, of course, with all those photos of streets, there are going to be photos of graf on the streets too. Jellya’s done a sterling job of covering some of the big ones in Bristol in this post here, but there are loads more spots to see.

Here’s a bit of Silent Hobo and 3Dom on the Ashley Road practice boards, from back in September last year, judging by the fly posters further down the road.

Loads more to find no doubt, interesting and handy all in one application.


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4 responses to “Googlemap Street View On Graf

  1. <— it also accidentally buffed Cheo. I bet he’s the only graf artist that can claim to be buffed by an internet search engine 😉

  2. +1 for stokes croft 3d – it’s specifically about documenting the street art in the area (as well as being fun) so will be updated as the pieces change, which i’m guessing street view won’t…

  3. And there’s now also

    over 120 locations and photos, plus Google street views and Bristol graffiti videos

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