RWA Sort Of Opening Night

The RWA preview night isn’t til Friday (and getting a ticket seems pretty tricky now to be fair). It’s then open to the public from Saturday, but there was a sort of opening night tonight for RWA sponsors, patrons, the ‘great and the good’ and so on. Even the Lord Mayor was there in his chains, which was pretty weird. He seemed to be loving it.

Top night though, a warm up for Friday night in a way, which should be massive. There’s an embargo on photos and images from it being published until Friday, which seems fair enough really, as you really have to see this show to appreciate it, and if images start appearing everywhere then it spoils it for those going really. So, this blog will be sticking to that.

That said, there’s some stuff you can’t miss now from the outside, so here’s a bit of that for you as a warm up.

Rowdy’s spent a while in a quarry painting these huge stones, which are now on display outside.


Here’s the other side of the main set.


And a lone one a little further along.


Those photos were taken round lunchtime, after which this Filthy Luker massive inflatable suddenly appeared on the side of the gallery.


Looks pretty bonkers in the long shot.


And here’s one sneaky peek on the inside, the sign which greets you as you head up the stairs.


Should be blogging the last three weeks worth of photos on Friday then. Can’t wait…


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11 responses to “RWA Sort Of Opening Night

  1. GBKM

    Photographing Flowers. Firstly we will pick a perfect specimen, then we will arrange it carefully, light it beautifully, and spray on some dew.

    It will probably be beautiful, but only up to a point, because we have seen thousands of pretty flower pictures before.

    So how are we going to make our picture more memorable than the last?

    Instead of shooting a perfect fresh flower, Irving Penn photographed a dead flower perfectly.

    The truth hurts, but sometimes its better than a pat on the back. Honestly…

    • bristolgraffiti

      Not entirely sure what you mean there, but this site isn’t a photography site, it’s more about current news turning into future archives. The photographs are meant to be a record, not of any worth in themselves. In fact, the idea is not to photograph things so perfectly that people don’t go and see them for themselves, almost the opposite really.

  2. GBKM


    Read between the lines and you may get it… absolutely nothing to do with your photography or in fact -photography! a metaphor…. just maybe? !!

    after teddy girl, art fart after some fish and chips i thought some intelligence wouldn’t go a miss.

    The subject matter Bristol Graffiti.

  3. Face facts, BristolGraffitiMan, you have been outwitted once again by your cunningly fiendish arch-nemesis The Riddler (alter ego: Jimmy Too Much Internet Time On His Hands Whilst Waiting For His Meds At The Day Centre)!




    LOL @ the RWA dandy in the Beeb vid, “who would think that people we consider as anarchists could organise themselves so professionally?” 😀

  4. Andrew

    GBKM is saying graffiti in Bristol is dead. or perhaps the notion of ‘Bristol Graffiti’ as people insist on calling it, is.

    I will reserve judgment until the weekend – I trust my own eyes more than any hype or photographs – but going by what I saw in the background on last night’s news, at least some of this exhibition is nothing special. a Voyder piece with a million little technical gimmicks but no real letters? thanks but no thanks. a Seza piece with twenty clashing colours in the fill? ditto. much pruning was needed there. sheer overall size and cleanliness of line are no substitute for content. and the Nick Walker… ‘thing’ was just a mess. certainly didn’t look like a painting by an alleged master at the top of his game. I don’t know if I would enjoy examining it a second time, let alone getting lost in it.

  5. a non y mouse

    i think GBKM is saying we’ve all seen this sort of stuff, our mums would like, a thousand times. The sort of stuff that has made graffiti so palatable that now ‘normal’ people are starting to consider it’s merits. But along the way some of the original points of the act are lost. The art form becomes diluted to the point where it loses its power. Therefore someone should push the boundaries. Photograph the dead flower and drop something dark, challenging, unique, thought provoking and above all else f**king DOPE and FRESH. Chances of seeing a re-run or getting an original???
    You tell me….

  6. speedwayward

    sort of ironic that you say this… just heard about danny lee’s docu on world of graffiti, rock fresh – it airs in the us on 4/1 – but if you’re up, can’t sleep – wanna be enlightenedl; you can chat live with the director at 9pm est. sign up at: – doesn’t take long, def worth it.

  7. bobby dazzler

    did you not hear Nas?? Hip Hop is dead!!

  8. twopenn'orth

    I want to see more people misspelling their names really big in fancy letters

  9. Andrew

    I want to see more people doing subversive, challenging stencils that keep Barack Obama awake at night.

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