Random Stencil Off Sydenham Lane

Found this the other day, actually in a courtyrard behind a fence on Sydenham Lane. Pretty nice stencil, has a touch of the Nick Walker about it perhaps, but seemed unsigned, so no idea really. Had a bit of thought put into it anyway. Wonder why this part of Bristol has always been so big on stencils compared with other areas.



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5 responses to “Random Stencil Off Sydenham Lane

  1. Unity

    It’s by 45RPM. There’s some more WHAT stuff on the same wall closer to the houses.

  2. 45rpm

    this makes me feel sick inside, i appologise to the world, i dont know what came over me. i was young a retarded

  3. Me

    Your not “a retarded” any more then? Haha.

  4. 45rpm

    now im just special, i have a sticker that proves it

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