Rose Popay Out And About

Not graf really but certainly street art, Rose Popay or ‘The Art Tart’ has been out and about recently.

A paste up up on Royal York Cresent in Clifton…


(photo Lindsy Davis)

…and going over the 45RPM owl (with permission) done down on Stokes Croft for the ‘Not a penny…’ show last year.




(photos Lance Igloo)

There’s lots more planned for the Art Tart in the future, keep an eye out.


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10 responses to “Rose Popay Out And About

  1. bobby dazzler

    she is the worst, out of every bad stencil artist that launched there art career when they sniffed some cash last year, she is the worst. It just looks desperate!

  2. a non y mouse

    isn’t ‘stencil artist’ an oxymoron?

  3. Jef Row

    Oxy! you kiddin?…we’re just plain old Morons.
    Good worthwhile comment though man, er..sorry, mouse.

  4. b

    Appreciate the effort, but spraying a listed area is a bit tacky.

  5. tommy norris


  6. Andrew

    b, I see no evidence of effort. just another ‘outrageous’ postmodern street artist. far from being shocking, these ‘wacky’ individuals are all over east London these days – you can actually buy them for £2 a kilo at Billingsgate Market. anyway BristolGraffiti I think your computer monitor needs a good wipe because that bicycle mural looks bloody awful (so far, I know its not finished.) Os Gemeos she ain’t! I reckon even Marcel Duchamp would shirk at seemingly combining the influences of Warhol, Koons and Emin (a triumvirate of soullessness if ever there was one) into vomit-like daubs and inflicting them on the public. but then she is a bit ‘zany’ I suppose, so we’ll judge her work by an entirely made-up set of criteria and promote her all over our blogs. ho hum.

    • bristolgraffiti

      Thought this may be the reaction, and fair enough. This blog just records what goes on out there and what’s sent in really, Rose is a part of what’s happening in the Bristol street/urban art world at the moment, seems silly to ignore it.

  7. a non y mouse

    i don’t think it should be ignored either – nice to see it causing a bit of banter – each to their own i say! Just i like something a bit more gnarly. It ain’t just Rose. Seems to me like this fashionable period we find ourselves in, is pulling this rebellious art form into some very palatable (almost sickly sweet) and (over)sanitized areas – creating an almost Graffiti Lite type of thang. We started out with rock’n’roll and ended up with S Club 7. That’s all i’m saying. Is bring some sickness back to the streets…

  8. Bilko

    I always firmly belived that frilly knickers were a good thing, but i now see i was wrong…

    Quite like the perspective of the bike piece though.

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