Mudwig Show At The Friend And Co Gallery


…was what it looked like in the run up to the show.

Tonight though, was the opening of the Mudwig show at the Friend and Co Gallery on Gloucester Road. The kind of show you come back with pictures from, look at them, think ‘damn, there aren’t that many’, then realise you don’t need many.

This, in essence, was the show.


Bit closer there, two classic Mudwig paintings, almost a diptych, if it weren’t for their position.


On the left, her top half…


…on the right her bottom.


Down below was the print for the show, really nice in the flesh.


Right at the back in the bottom corner, the wall painting for the show, four tiny mudchips. No good photo of them, and they seem all the better for it.


The boards outside had been painted too. No easy photo of them in the dark (there’s a better one here), so here’s a rubbish pseudo arty one.


Really cool show, especially with the soundtrack that was accompanying the pieces for the night. With the RWA show build up on at the moment, a lot of the crowd were artists and writers catching up, even those now normally over in London. A lot of love, and a lot of fun. Top night.


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4 responses to “Mudwig Show At The Friend And Co Gallery

  1. a non y mouse

    I am loving it where the title for a show is the whole show!

    popeye – the print
    2 prozzies – the paintings
    and a portion of chips – the wall decoration
    (even if at Mudwig’s chip shop the portions are a little small i.e) only 4 chips!!) LOL

    Great Show!! Great Show! Great Show!

  2. eko

    Thanks for the photo report.
    Mudwig rules !!!

  3. Me

    Saw this today. Far better than that Jago “piece”…

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