Dicy In Hermanos

Stumbled across this one the other day, dunno how it had been missed before. Anyway, it’s some work by Dicy in the back garden of Hermanos cafe bar kinda thing on the Triangle (on the side opposite Sainsburys).

Done in 2006, it’s not a big garden, so it’s not a huge amount of work, but sets the place off well. Here’s one wall…


…with a bit closer on the main bit.


And the wall on the other side.


Thought Xenz might have been involved initially, with these shadowed butterflies, but apparently not, all Dicy’s own work.


Worth checking out if you’re in the area for the RWA show when it opens in a couple of weeks. Not least because they do easily one of the best hot chocolates in Bristol, and that and a cappucino is only £2! Bonkers. The staff are friendly, the cocktails look pretty good too, and, if you’re as lucky as this blog is, you might even get to become an unwitting part of Jed Pitman’s 100,000 handshake challenge.

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One response to “Dicy In Hermanos

  1. Adam Thoroughgood

    Good tip! I shall be going to that RWA show on the first day, and will be adding a hot chocolate here to my itinerary.

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