Banksy = News, Official

Seemed funny the other day when the fact Banksy had painted a new work in London was picked up by Sky News. Thanks to BristleKRS for pointing out this even odder one, the Bristol Evening Post have even got their own tab in the site navigation just for Banksy, leading to a page all about him.


Sweet idea in a way, only slight problem seems to be that picture 3 in the Banksy pictures montage is a Nick Walker, and picture 8 is that one from Glastonbury last summer that sparked the least plausible ‘it’s a Banksy’ story that has ever arisen. Other than that it’s got an automated search for Banksy stories in the paper if you’re into that kind of thing.

Still though, must be pretty cool to be your own category of news, alongside ‘crime, education, transport, government and health’.

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  1. oh my goodness, oh my soul.

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