Weapon of Choice Paint ‘Jump Up Bristol’ At Motion

Fun night last night down at Motion for the ‘Jump Up Bristol’ event in aid of Temwa. Ended up being Cheba, Nikill, Lokey and Rory painting, with a french guy new to Bristol turning up at the end to fill in one end of the space. 

Was literally an end of it, as sort of amusingly, the boards for painting had accidentally been put up by the venue in a long thin straight line, rather than side by side as had been intended. Still, best was made of the situation in the end, and ended up as a pretty nice work. Interested to see Lokey’s letters this time especially, as they were similar to style that used to appear in pieces in Bristol back in the day, fun to see it in the flesh again. 

Incidentally, the good folks at Weapon of Choice have just launched their own blog, what with all the different projects they’ve got coming up in the next couple of months. So, check out the new Weapon of Choice blog, and add it to your bookmarks and blogrolls.

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