Anyone See This At The Weekend?

Definitely not graf, but included here because a) Banksy once did something similar at Glastonbury a few years back and b) it’s really odd. 

At the weekend someone managed to smuggle a dummy in a clown costume with shopping bags attached to its hands into the middle of Carboot Circus, tie a load of baloons on a rope around its neck, and let it float up to the glass roof. 




Really odd. Photos courtesy of the Ivessays’s Blog, and there are a couple of clearer ones here on Flickr

Anyone any ideas?


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8 responses to “Anyone See This At The Weekend?

  1. Damian

    Happily somebody popped up on one of my other flickr pictures to explain:

    Short version: flash mob, make people think about why they keep spending manically.

  2. Damian

    The question is: have they got it down yet? It went up on Saturday, but the photos above are from Sunday. This could be the beginning of a new Bristol pastime!

  3. NewRadicals

    and in all fairness you could hang anything you want from a banner on some helium balloons…such a considerate roof for cabot circus to install too…

  4. NewRadicals


    For some spray can goodness. This work can also be seen permanently at Artspace/Lifespace.

  5. josh

    thats awsome, two clown related posts in one week!

  6. NewRadicals

    Clown was removed on monday via the hiring of an elevated platform.
    Press coverage in Thursday 26th of February Evening Post; interview with organisers on BCfm somewhen in the next week.

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