Turbo Island, Stokes Croft And Hillgrove Street

Few bits gone on and going on round this area at the moment. First off, fairly recently, Sepr’s gone over his previous paint job on Turbo Island on Stokes Croft with this work


Closer on the right…


…and on the left.


Incidentally, looks like a local councillor has got involved in the campaign to remove this billboard from Turbo Island, and has started a petition on it that you can sign here. Hope it gets further than the previous PRSC attempt on the issue, the reaction to council officers ‘consulting widely’ by standing next to Turbo Island for a few hours last year seemed to be one of complete indifference to any idea of even attempting to suggest removing it. It wasn’t going to happen as far as they were concerned, and that was that.

Bit further down Jamaica Street, there’s a new piece of Mudwig biography for those who follow these things…


…closer upper.


Finally mentioned this one here before last year, but looks like works started on the new piece opposite Screen One where Jamaica Street and Hillgrove Street cross.


Thanks to Miss b for sending in this photo, will be interesting to see the finished thing (there’s a sketch of it on the previous blog post if you want a sneak peek).


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7 responses to “Turbo Island, Stokes Croft And Hillgrove Street

  1. jamie

    dont forget Feek! get your facts strait.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Bloody. Hell.

    Had been told that that was just going to be straight Sepr, but was looking at it at the time thinking it looked really, really Feek as well. Mind over ruling what the eye was seeing, good spot, ta for the correction!

  3. a non y mouse

    it’s turning into Sepr St…

    is there any need of him going over other peoples pieces (i.e – Cyclops + Cept) when he has so many spots???

    can’t we have a bit of variation please Chris!!! and democracy in this republic – lol

  4. a non y mouse

    innit ;-0

  5. Jef Row

    Sepr work is quality, everytime.

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