Princes Trust Charity Auction

There’s an auction coming up in aid of the Prince’s Trust, with a new Banksy as its headline story (go check the BBC or whatever for that), but there’s some other interesting Bristol related pieces in there worth mentioning.

Nice Inkie piece, shame the lettering at the side’s been chopped off a bit in the photo. 


Love this Mau Mau piece


A very accessible Nick Walker work (rats, bombing, etc)


This Flx piece (that was in the window of Guerilla Galleries a while back if memory serves) has come back round


Finally this really interesting piece by Dicy, not seen him in this kind of style before


Dicy even gets a quote in the press release on this one into the bargain.

Dicy, one of the stars of the exhibition, was supported by the youth charity when he was just starting out.

He said: “The Prince’s Trust gave me the confidence and backing to start my own design business when no-one else would. Now I’m incredibly proud to give something back, helping more young people reach their potential.”

The auction for the Prince’s Trust is actually part of three auctions going on at the same time, this one launching last week, as it says…

ArtCore is the first visual documentation of Acid House and the rave movement, featuring artworks from iconic clubs and raves including The End Club, Queer Nation, Raindance and Tribal Gathering.

and the now regular Dreweatts ‘urban art’ auction going on at the same time (the catalogue for which seems to be coming in for a bit of stick online at the moment). 

In addition, a Dicy and Will Barras print is going on sale for the auction as well. Tricky painting to get right apparently, but it’s all come out clean enough in the final print. 


So, actually quite hard to work out what’s going on amongst all of this and when, but the sale itself is on the 26th Feb, and if you fancy figuring it all out then there’s more info at

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